How To Use The Resident Evil Mansion As A D&D Dungeon Part 1

How To Use The Resident Evil Mansion As A D&D Dungeon Part 1

The most annoying part of creating Dungeons & Dragons adventures for most DMs is making maps. As such, many DMs steal existing maps from the Internet or from older adventures that their players haven’t experienced yet. There are some DMs who pilfer maps from video game walkthroughs, as many of them can easily be repurposed for a D&D dungeon, but why stop there?

The original Resident Evil is the game that brought survival horror to the masses. In it, a special forces team is dispatched to investigate reports of bizarre murders taking place outside of Raccoon City. The team soon finds themselves trapped in a battle for their life, as they must uncover the secrets of the deadly Spencer Mansion and survive against the zombies that stalk its halls.

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Resident Evil used a contemporary (for 1998) setting and its villains had roots in science fiction, rather than fantasy. Despite this, it’s still possible to turn the events of the game into low-level Dungeons & Dragons campaign.

Transplanting The Spencer Mansion Into A D&D World

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The setup for the adventure can be taken straight from the game. A series of bizarre murders have happened near an isolated town. A team of guards is sent out into the wilderness to follow the tracks of the potential killers, only to disappear without a trace. The party is the second group assigned to find the guards and the killers, with the promise of a reward at the end. The players are given a map of the region and there is nothing but wilderness for miles around.

The party finds the tracks of the original group sent out into the wilderness and they stumble across a mangled corpse in the middle of the night. They are beset by a horde of undead dogs, and a running battle starts. The party spot a mansion in the distance that wasn’t on their map, so they make a beeline for it in order to better defend their position. Once inside, they find themselves caught in a desperate battle for survival, as the mansion is home to deadly traps and vicious monsters.

As this adventure takes place in a D&D world, there is no Umbrella Corporation or T-virus. Instead, the enemies will be a secret group of mages who want to perform magical experiments away from prying eyes. A cult of clerics who worship the god of death also works as potential villains. The villains’ goal was to find a way to create undead without the aid of magical spells, in order to prove that zombies could be made with…

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