LeBron James Acquires A Lavish Beverly Hills Mansion Valued At $39 Million: REPORTS

LeBron James Acquires A Lavish Beverly Hills Mansion Valued At $39 Million: REPORTS

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the clear favorites to win the NBA championship this year. For LeBron James, it will be a valuable ring number four to add to his collection. The Lakers will travel to Orlando in less than a month, but LeBron has taken care of some real-estate business before that. There are reports coming in that the King has purchased a lavish 13,000 sq. ft. mansion in Beverly Hills.

As per The Real Deal, the property is owned by Lee Phillip Bell who is the co-creator of ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ a long-running soap opera on CBS. $39 million was the original listing price for the mansion which sits on a 2.5-acre plot. But, we are unsure about how much the Lakers superstar had to shell out to acquire the property.

LeBron James and his new mansion: What all does it have?

A mansion fit for a King should have several luxurious amenities right? Well, every mansion in Beverly Hills boasts of different lavish structures and exquisite interiors. Well, LeBron James has chosen to buy a property in the right place.

Darren Rovell of The Action Network posted some information on what one can find if they were to visit LeBron’s Beverly Hills home. Besides drooling over the fact that the mansion is spread over an area of 13,000 square feet, you can find your attention shift towards several other things.

The last price it was listed at was $39 million. pic.twitter.com/XxDKzmT7Qu

— Darren Rovell (@darrenrovell) July 3, 2020

The most captivating part of the property is that it has seven different fireplaces. In the winter, if LeBron wants to keep himself warm, he can choose a different spot for each day of the week. There is also a tennis court that comes with lights and a well-constructed viewing area.

Moreover, a massive swimming pool with a springboard is also a part of the mansion. The King and his kids can relax there on a warm sunny day or on a non-game day. Needless to say, the mansion comes with several rooms and along with it, there is a screening room as well.

We are unsure if LeBron James would move in here, leaving behind his Brentwood mansion. Nevertheless, the NBA icon has tons of dollars at his disposal and this is one way how he spends his millions. Investing in real estate seems to be a liking for the King from what we have seen from this purchase and the rumored acquisition of a mansion in Hollywood Hills.

As the Lakers are confident of securing the title, James has begun the preparations very early. He has gifted himself with this incredible and humongous mansion. We might see him partying, grooving to new albums in his new Beverly Hills home very soon.

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