El Camino bosses smuggled Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston into filming on a private jet to keep his return a secret

El Camino bosses smuggled Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston into filming on a private jet to keep his return a secret

THE Breaking Bad sequel film El Camino was shot in complete secrecy but bosses took extra measures to make sure Bryan Cranston’s return wasn’t spoiled.

This included flying the actor in on a borrowed private jet so no one would spot him on the plane to Albuquerque, New Mexico, where it was filmed.


Walter White made a surprise cameo in El CaminoCredit: AP Photo/AMC, Frank Ockenfels

Producers only had a 36-hour window to get Bryan Cranston – who played drug lord Walter White – in to film.

They also had to protect him from being seen while filming his cameo scene alongside co-star Aaron Paul, who plays Jesse Pinkman.

Speaking about making the film to the Hollywood Reporter, show creator Vince Gilligan said: “We didn’t want it ruined for the fans. Constitutionally, I don’t want the things I look forward to spoiled.

“If there’s a movie I’m looking forward to, I don’t want to know jack squat about it before I’m sitting down in the theatres and the lights go down.”


The movie follows Jesse Pinkman and his life after Breaking BadCredit: NetflixNetflix releases Jessie Pinkman’s story roundup over the Breaking Bad series ahead of the El Camino film release

Bryan was tied into an eight-night-a-week performance schedule for Broadway show Network in New York.

The actor only had Monday night off, meaning he needed to be flown over on Sunday by private jet, film the next day, then in the morning Tuesday fly back to New York to perform that night.

They then needed to surround the diner – where Jesse and Walter have their meeting in a flashback – so that no passerbys saw.

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To do this, they erected screens, as well as cars, one of which is their iconic RV.


Jesse tries to put his life back togetherCredit: Netflix


Breaking Bad was a popular show on AMCCredit: Netflix

People who saw asked were told the business uses it to give Breaking Bad-themed tours.

El Camino follows Jesse as a fugitive from the law after escaping his life with Walter White.

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