Royal Huisman’s power and sail Lotus superyacht concept

Royal Huisman’s power and sail Lotus superyacht concept

During the recent Monaco Yacht Show Royal Huisman unveiled its unique Lotus superyacht concept that consists of an 88-metre DynaRig sailing yacht and a 70-metre expedition-ready motor yacht. Lotus is Royal Huisman’s answer to a new generation of increasingly adventurous owners looking to explore and discover the world’s oceans and coastlines in luxury and style. Furthermore, to do so with the freedom of space and level of service that one comes to expect while overcoming all the logistical challenges associated with global cruising, is another issue Royal Huisman aims to address with this unique setup.Photo: Royal Huisman

The project was created together with Dykstra Naval Architects and ThrityC Yacht Design who, together with Royal Huisman’s engineering and construction know-how, created a modern design with state-of-the-art features aimed at transforming the superyacht experience into a fluid and dynamic way of life, rather than the structured and static experience clients have come to know. Photo: Royal Huisman

The Lotus sailing yacht is designed with the capability to be competitive out on the racecourse as well as serving as a capable long-distance explorer with her easy-to-handle sail plan, uncluttered deck spaces and eco-friendly power management system. For example, Lotus’ masts will be equipped with the latest solar technology that can capture sunlight to turn into power as needed by the vessel. Photo: Royal HuismanPhoto: Royal Huisman

For cosy evenings under the stars, a custom-designed outdoor theatre system projects your favourite film onto a 15-metre-wide sail area for a Hollywood experience like no other together with 360-degree audio from popup speakers. Photo: Royal Huisman

The intelligent space-management onboard Lotus means that guests can relax in a large pool on the foredeck with enough space left for two tenders that are hidden beneath. Photo: Royal HuismanPhoto: Royal Huisman

The interiors are designed to match Lotus’ cutting-edge exterior with a sensual theme by making use of high-quality textiles and materials, all of which are expertly crafted and assembled by Royal Huisman’s in-house team of craftsmen. One interior highlight is a grand skylight in the saloon that provides a unique vertical view of Lotus’ impressive DynaRig.Photo: Royal Huisman

Not merely a support vessel, the Lotus motor yacht is designed to integrate with the 88-metre sailing vessel’s itinerary and by acting as a stand-alone explorer yacht whilst expanding the capabilities of its cruising partner with endless deck space and supply solutions. Designed to accommodate guests and crew in equal levels of luxury, Lotus was conceived as far more than a shadow vessel.Photo: Royal Huisman

Designed for adventures, Lotus can host technical staff such as pilots, doctors, guides and relief yacht crew to make expeditions as safe and educational as possible, all in the same comfort and luxury which guests experience will experience on the 88-metre sailing yacht. Photo: Royal Huisman

Impressive deck space outside means Lotus is fit to carry a fleet of tenders and toys including a submarine for the ultimate underwater world experience. In contrast, full helicopter capabilities mean guests also get to explore the surroundings from the sky whereafter the helicopter is safely stowed in the onboard hangar as the captain sets course for the next destination.Photo: Royal HuismanPhoto: Royal Huisman

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