Xiques Mansion, a historic house built in the 1850s, hits the market in the French Quarter for $3M

Xiques Mansion, a historic house built in the 1850s, hits the market in the French Quarter for $3M

It’s almost impossible not to own a piece of history when you purchase real estate in the French Quarter, New Orleans’ oldest neighborhood—and some sites are especially rich with significance. The Xiques House at 521 Dauphine Street is one of them.

Listed by the Orleans Parish Landmarks Commission, the raised masonry center-hall residence was designed by J.N.B DePouilly, a French architect responsible for some of New Orleans’ most iconic structures. They include the current iteration of the St. Louis Cathedral, the Pharmacy Museum, and the St. Augustine Church.

DePouilly’s signature touches—an imposing portico, ornamental features such as molded plaster and cast-iron railings—are present throughout the grand, 8,325-square-foot home. Over its 168 year history, it has served as the Spanish Consulate, a gambling house, a cigar factory, and a rooming house. The Greek Revival home underwent major renovations in 1964 and 2001.

Currently, it is a multifamily residence with four units. There are two apartments on the ground “basement” level. The main residence covers 4,131 square feet and sits above those two apartments. Finally, there’s also a two-story, 1,623-square-foot apartment in the former slave quarters.

All in all, the mansion includes nine bedrooms and eight-and-half bathrooms. The Vieux Carre Commission approved up to nine condos in the Xiques Mansion. There’s also a shady private courtyard and parking for eight cars on the premises.

The asking price is $3 million.

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In the foyer, 17.5-foot ceilings contribute to a sense of grandeur.

An empty room with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking a balcony, pale blue walls, wooden floors and a fan.

Crown molding, high ceilings, floor-to-ceiling windows, and pale walls give the living area airy feel, as do the clouds painted on the ceiling.

A high-ceilinged bathroom with a tub tucked under a balcony landing and lit by a crystal chandelier

A staircase and interior balcony surround the soaking tub.

A courtyard with brick walls, mature trees, lawn chairs, framed by a two-story building with balconies.

The multifamily property includes parking for eight cars in addition to a courtyard.

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